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Founder/ CEO

The Life & Day of Ira Tarrell.....
As I Open My eyes in the morning I thank the Man above for allowing me to do so and to help
guide me through my journey towards Greatness....
As a young man I knew I wanted to be in the hair business. I grew up in Omaha NE, where the
hair business was behind by decades in regards to trending Hair styles,Different Methods of
coloring and cutting, and of course The Virgin Hair Business!!!!
Following High school I moved north to Minneapolis MN, to practice medicine with the itch to
want to be involved in the hair business. After Going to college and landing a job at a naturopathic
Clinic in Seattle WA, I knew the decision to be in the medical field was only temporary and all
just a way to build myself up for what was coming for me next. During my time as
Medical Assistant I got into modeling as a hobby. I was auditioning more and more and started
booking impromptu shoots, private photo sessions and even commercial offers, and to my
surprise I liked the outcome of where I saw my life going!

After being In Sea-town for a little under a year I quickly obtained a chance to move to the city of
my dreams Los Angels CA,The City Of Hollywood,The City of Angles,The City I knew was now
My Home!! 7years later, A whole 360 Career Change with a little Blood,Sweat and Tears! I can
now say I am living out my dream. I'm a hair dresser in Santa Monica CA, Running my own
business.As a graduate of The Aveda institute I would Soon to book Countless Photo shoots,
music videos, Editorial work,Weddings and even a walk in Fashion Week under my belt!! I am
now proud to present to You ITs Inches Quality Virgin Hair!!!!
ITsInches Quality Virgin Hair: Your investment would consist of 3oz* of pure 100% Top Quality
Hair, NO Silicons,NO Coatings,NO Hennas or Dyes!! #Raw Virgin Hair!! Our Hair Is Not
Processed, Nor Do I believe In Non Remy Hair (Opposite Cuticles) All Remy Here!! with No
Shedding and True to Length. Im firm in being happy When you Spend Your hard Earned
Money,So To Show You My appreciation,I have sought out the best Quality,Consistency and

value. So with that being said It would be my Honor to present to you....#ITsInches Quality
Virgin Hair by Ira Tarrell!!

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